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Aunt Viv Comes For RHOA's Kenya Moore


On this past episode of RHOA, Kenya was shown casting for her TV pilot, Life Twirls On.

The original Aunt Viv, better known as Janet Hubert, was hired for the pilot. But as things often do with Kenya, it got messy. Aunt Viv says she has yet to be paid for her work on the pilot. She took to her web series titled, “Blacktress,” to explain the fallout with Kenya and spill the details.

“I went ahead to do the pilot with Kenya Moore and we had a wonderful time. We laughed and we joked and it was amazing, and she was professional. And then when I got back, she didn’t want to pay me what I was supposed to be payed.”

“It is now three months later and I still haven’t been paid. We’re having a bit of a war with my union about it because she doesn’t feel that the union is correct either.”

“Kenya I was going to blast you…but I’m not going to do that. I’m going to wish you well, I’m going to wish you the best that you could possibly be because you’ve had a really hard time, and I guess you just don’t trust women at all.

“I don’t know if you’ve got any kind of female friends but I gave you love on that set, I gave you kindness, I helped you cook. I helped you make sure that you never upstage yourself and if this is something that you so vehemently need to keep, this little bit of money, then girlfriend you know, you and my union will have to fight it out, I’m done.

“I wish you all the best but I will not be doing a pilot with Kenya Moore, whether it gets picked up or not.”


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