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Danny Masterson is pissed about "retarded" Scientology doc 'Going Clear'

So as you probably know Danny Masterson was born into Scientology. He doing "coursework" for the cult when he was 8 years old and full out fell in love with it as a teenager when he read Dianetics basically thinking that the book, penned by flop sci-fi writer L. Ron Hubbard, actually explained why he thinks and feels etc. There's also currently a documentary out called Going Clear (airing on HBO next month) which is basically an expose on the cult. So when Danny sat down with Paper this month he had a few things to say about it.

“I heard about that documentary; the documentary where they interviewed eight people who hate Scientology,” he said. “I wonder if Sundance would allow a documentary of, like, eight people who hate Judaism. But you know, my religion’s fair game, I guess, ’cause it’s new.”

Radar Online reports that the That 70s Show star also went in on the book, Going Clear stating, “If you’re going to write something and you don’t ask the people who actually do it, then what’s the f**king point? We could all interview the KKK about what’s cool about being white, but we don’t. I don’t know; it just seems retarded to me.”

He also continues to speak down to people wanting to make sure that Scientology is logical and literally means the study of knowledge so you're clearly pretty dumb if you don't get that. He also claims that Scientology rids people of all mental problems which you would know if you weren't so poisoned by society. He also claims that school shootings are caused by Prozac and other pills and that these things would never happen if people embraced Scientology.

What does he have to say to Scientology naysayers? “...If that’s weird, then, well, you can go f**k yourself.”

Source: Radar Online
Tags: actor / actress, film - documentary, interview, scientology

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