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Harper Lee is "Happy as Hell" About New Book, Says a Statement Her Lawyer Sent to Her Publisher

A new statement supposedly written by Harper Lee was released today through her publisher HarperCollins, amid concerns that the reclusive deaf/near-blind novelist is being taken advantage of by those around her. The statement, allegedly given to her lawyer Tonya Carter after a visit to the Monroeville, Alabama assisted living facility where she currently resides, reads: "I'm alive and kicking and happy as hell with the reactions to 'Watchman,' " Ms. Carter relayed the message to Lee's agent, who then sent it to the publisher.

Fans initially reacted with cautious excitement over the announcement of the new novel, "Go Set a Watchman", while skeptics questioned the motives behind the sudden release of new work over half a century after Lee's debut novel "To Kill A Mockingbird". According to the New York Times, "Karen Hare, the owner of David’s Catfish House on the edge of Monroeville, said Ms. Lee had remarked several times during her visits that were she ever to publish another book, she would want it done posthumously. 'People knew about the book, but never for sure,' Ms. Hare said. 'She always said she didn’t want anything done until she died.' "

Preorders for the new book as well as purchases of "Mockingbird" shot to the top five books of Amazon soon after the announcement.

i'm still kinda skeptical over this, to be honest. but at the same time i'm pretty excited for the new book

Source: NY Times with rewording by me
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