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Check out the original outline for GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire

HarperCollins just finalised its office transfer, and the new London Bridge office has a "George R R Martin Room" with a letter the fantasy author wrote to his agent outlining the plot for A Song of Ice and Fire—the final paragraph is blacked out. Someone from Waterstone's has kindly shared pictures of the letter in question on twitter.

It is clear that GRRM has already changed MUCH of what he originally planned, but could we still expect some of the things in the letter?

POTENTIAL SPOILERS, including 5 characters who Martin originally intended to survive the series and the strangest love triangle EVER.

- An Arya/Jon/Tyrion love-triangle. Arya and Jon's passion will "torment them" until "the secret of Jon's parentage is revealed". Tyrion loves Arya but his passion is unreciprocated
- Arya, Bran, Jon, Tyrion and Daenerys were originally intended to survive the series
- Sansa was supposed to have married Joff, borne a son and sold out her family (and then regretted it)
- Tyrion was supposed to have besieged and burned Winterfell himself
- Dany was supposed to have killed Khal Drogo to avenge Viserys
- Catelyn was supposed to have been killed by an Other
- Ned's storyline followed the outline
- Robb was supposed to maim Joffrey on the battlefield
- Jon was always intended to become Lord Commander

Source / Close up pictures

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