Jonathan Groff likes sex on the first date, prefers his men to be vers and moar


Answering a couple of raunchy questions from Bravo's Andy Cohen here is everything you need to know about JGroff's sexual preferences:

Very hairy: 'Turn on'
Sex on the first date: 'Absolutely'
Someone who is only a power bottom: 'No, you've got to be versatile.'
Someone who dislikes his bestie Lea Michele: 'Definitely a turn off.'
A Broadway queen: 'Borderline'
Someone who's in the closet: 'Turn off.'
Balding: ' Turn on'
Gym rat: 'Turn off'
Not interested in marriage: 'Turn off'
Mama's boy: 'Turn off'
Order for him at a restaurant: 'Turn on'

Video at the source:

Why dont you go ahead and answer the same questions ONTD