Is Taylor's newest Instagram hinting at a partnership with Jay, Bey, and JT?

Taylor Swift just posted this Instagram yesterday in honor of JT's birthday! The caption reads "Happy Birthday, @justintimberlake! Thank you for your music, comedy, daaaahncing, songwriting, and for taking this selfie:" and is a throwback to taytay's 25th bday party.

More importantly, is this picture hinting at a potential collaboration with Jay-Z on his upcoming business venture, a Spotify rival called Aspiro? Here's a quick recap of what's happened these past couple of months:

1. Taylor pulls her entire catalogue from Spotify in Nov. 2014, citing reasons about not being ~valued enough for her art~ aka she wants more $$$$$

2. She invites JT, Bey, and Jay to her 25th bday party in Dec. 2014. Later that week, Jay and JT were photographed leaving her apartment. She was then spotted with/near Bey at a JT concert.

3. Rumors began that the four are collaborating on something - maybe a new song or a new business! A blind item also appeared saying as much.

4. Jay-Z is announced to have acquired Aspiro, a potential Spotify rival

5. The very next day, Taylor posts the above pic to IG!

Maybe this was just an innocent happy birthday message, but knowing how calculating Tay is, there's probably an ulterior motive here and a new business venture just might be it!

Source: Taylor's IG

ONTD, would you switch to Aspiro if you were able to stream Beyonce's next release for free?