Wendy Williams: Beyonce can't talk, ppl need closed captioning to understand her + Goes off on stans

Starts at 8:15 min in. Good stuff starts at 9:00 min in. Wendy goes off on stan culture at 10:05 min.

source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjTY_NO_8Nw


-Wendy thinks Bey's fishing for attention, getting people to speculate if she's pregnant.
-Beyonce's medium is instagram not twitter because she communicates best via simple pictures cause according to Wendy "Beyonce can't talk, you need closed captioning to understand her."
- Doesn't think she owes the public anything but her stans the beyhives might need an answer because they live and die for her and "have no lives outside of her."
Then she just keeps going