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Britney hitting up the dance studio again + Toxic anniversary!


Britney stopped by the dance studio for the third time in three days! What do you think she's up to ONTD?


Today is also the 11th anniversary of Toxic! The ground-breaking single was released on January 13th 2004, just days after Britney annulled her quickie Vegas wedding. The song, helped by a sexy and provocative video, quickly shot to the top of the charts becoming Britney's first US top10 hit in four years. The song also became an international success reaching the top-five in 15 countries, and topping the charts in Australia, Canada, Hungary, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom. The song's success continued throughout the year, culminating in Britney's first ever Grammy for Best Dance Recording in early 2005. Toxic was produced by Swedish duo Bloodshy & Avant while it has also been included in many lists detailing the best pop songs released. Britney has also frequently cited the songs as one of her favorites from her catalogue and the one she looks forward the most to perform. Let's look back at its amazing history!

The music video was directed by Joseph Kahn who worked on a treatment provided by Britney herself. Britney came up with the video on a flight back from Japan and wanted to experiment with different looks and characters. The video is her most expensive to date with a price tag of $1 million. Britney also performed her own stunts for the video, including the back-handed spring that we see in the laser sequence.

Best performance of the song

Britney performed the song on her 2003 ABC special titled Britney Spears: In The Zone. A special performance of the song was taped in an intimate setting and the audience was treated to a most energetic and charismatic Britney. Definitely one of her best performances yet.

S1: http://www.theonyxzone.com/thumbnails.php?album=5942
S2: http://britney-galaxy.com/happy-birthday-toxic/
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