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'Looking' Season 2 Premiere - and JGroff on Anal Bleaching

Interviewer: "Well the cool thing about you and the rest of the cast is that you seem game to talk about these issues and be mouthpieces for what the show is trying to say. Not every actor is comfortable to take on that role. Was there ever a hesitance on your part to step up and talk about these things that are hot-button and “important” issues?

Groff: It’s so funny you say that. The other night we were at the premiere and they were all like, “So brave. So brave. So brave. To be an out actor and getting fucked against a tree and doing anal bleaching and all of that stuff.” And I was like, OK. It doesn’t feel brave to me! Anal bleaching is good for your health and fisting is fun every once in a while. I think it’s a couple of things. Raul was calling it an occupational hazard, that all of us are really comfortable talking about graphic elements on the show because we experience them on the show and they become comfortable things.


I want to sit on Murray Barlett's face after tonight's ep tbh.
Tags: lgbtq / rights, television - hbo

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