Bollywood Actor Plans to Show X-Rated Photos with a woman To Prove He is NOT Gay

"Ayesha has been badmouthing about me, saying that I am gay and that we weren’t having an affair, so I had no choice but to show our X-rated pics together." Bollywood Actor, Sahil Khan, (roughly paraphrased) said in an interview to an Indian newspaper.

He has requested X-rated photographs of him with Ayesha Shroff, who he claims was having an affair with, to be released to prove that he is not gay.

All this comes after Jackie Shroff, Ayesha’s husband, filed a case in a Mumbai court against him for allegedly swindled his wife out of Rs 5 crore (roughly three quarters of a million U.S. dollars). Khan then claimed that he never got any money and that if any money was spent it was on the affair, which finally led to Shorff to say that that was not possible as Khan was gay.

"He is trying to use a cheap smockscreen and hide the fact that he has robbed me money. There are not any sexual pictures simply because there was never an affair. I think his ex-wife is the best person to prove it [he is gay]" Shroff responded (in a paraphrased way).



So, ONTD, have you ever showed your x-rated pics/vids to prove you’re not gay?
Also, would you ever pose as a boyfriend/girlfriend of someone you know is gayer than sunshine?