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WB In Deep Shit?

Warner Brothers is accused of exploiting African amputees in order to promote the movie "Blood Diamond". IMDB says:

The studio handpicked 27 teenage and child amputees from South African hospitals to appear as extras in the Leonardo DiCaprio film and promised to provide prosthetic limbs as well as a small salary for their contribution. However, more than three months after filming wrapped, the kids are reportedly still waiting for their new limbs…

And here's the money shot, a rep for Warner Brothers told the amputees, "You will have to wait for December, when the movie comes out, so we can get some publicity out of it."

Holy Christ. Really? They couldn't just put little Santa hats on the amputees now and film it, then show it in December. Maybe give one of them a giant candy cane instead of a leg. Well, okay, maybe not that, but they could do something. At least pay them now. I'd rather be a raccoon in America than a human being in Africa, those people have enough problems. Hey Warner Brothers - fuck you.

Source - What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Yikes. This looks bad. Like, Madonna-stealing-an-orphan bad.
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