Mariah Carey's desperate sister pens open letter

Mariah Carey's older sister Alison has penned an open letter lamenting her current economic situation and wishing for Mariah to return to her life. The two have been estranged since 1994. Alison, who has battled HIV for many years and faced multiple legal issues, could use a Hero.

She admits she and her now-teenage kids are facing eviction from their home. "Decisions I’ve made in my life have hurt my children. They have no tree or presents for Christmas. We don’t have enough food. I haven’t been able to pay the rent this month. I can’t buy my daughter, who’s on her school’s honors list, the clothes she needs — not wants, needs." But she insists she doesn’t want to reconnect with Mariah for her money.

She writes to the elusive chanteuse, “It’s hard not having you in my life. You’re irreplaceable. Not just because you’re Mariah Carey, but because you’re my baby sister, the only one I’ll ever have. Yes, I could use your help, but outside of making a better life for my children, I’m not in this for what I can get. And I would be one of the few people that you could count on to tell you the truth, which is what I’ve always done for you. You need someone you could trust.”

The full letter can be found in an upcoming issue of Star magazine, in which she also provides an interview.