The 10 (5) most eligible gay bachelors of 2015!

Robbie Rogers

Recently single and MLS-cup champion, Robbie Rogers is perhaps the most eligible bachelor at the moment. Robbie came out just two years ago and after announcing his retirement from soccer he made a spectacular return to the sport and also published his autobiography late last year. He's hot, successful and a professional athlete (which means that he also has the body of a professional athlete). What more could you ask for ONTD?

Ricky Martin

Who wouldn't want to live La Vida Loca with this hot piece of Latin ass? He might be 42 years old but he's definitely not showing any signs of aging or decreased sex appeal! Get this mature family man while you can people

Andy Cohen

You want all the juicy Real Housewives scoop before anyone else? Then Andy Cohen is your ideal boyfriend! This silver fox is back on the market and his only prerequisite is that he's the big spoon of the relationship. So bottoms of the world come and claim your man!

Frank Ocean

This ambiguous member of the LGBT community might not share too much about his private life but two things are certain; his Grammy-winning talent and his hotness. When will we get some sexy Nick Jonas-esque photoshoots from his tho?

Brian Sims

If you're into politics then you should be in Brian Sims (or he should be in you this is an equal opportunity post!). Philadelphia's first openly gay lawmaker could not only have the future of his state in his hands, but also you!

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