GeekChicRichie (geekchicrichie) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Popstar Wears Condom On Her Leg To Prove Men Aren't "Too Big" To Wear Them

- The image posted to instagram by the popstar was captioned: "To all the guys saying ‘my d*** is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT"
- 17 year old popular Swedish singer Zara Larsson (who rose to fame on the Swedish version of Britain's Got Talent) wore the condom on her leg as a joke but is now being heralded as a "feminist genius" after receiving over 50,000 likes.
Zara: "I don’t see myself as some kind of holy Mother Mary of feminism. I am very well aware that there are many, many girls out there that are much better than me in so many ways and receive much too little attention."

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Have you ever had sex without a condom? What's your ideal size, ONTD?
Tags: celebrity social media, honest trailer / reaction video / satire, music / musician

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