Hot 97's Ebro & Rosenberg Want To Know: "What Percentage Gay Are You?"

On this morning edition of Hot 97's Ebro In the Morning, Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Styles plagued the long riddled question, "What Percentage Gay Are You?". Not having heard of the Kinsey scale, they decided to weight actions an what percentage gay that makes you.

Some Scales to Figure Into Your Life:
1. If you makeout with someone of the same sex, you're a 43% gay.
2. Laura Styles "dresses like a butch lesbian" so she must be 100% gay.
3. If you like The Rock's Instagram pictures as a man, you're 10% gay.
4. If you wear a fedora as a man, you're 10% gay.
5. If you spread your buttcheeks and let the water run between, you are 100% gay.


ONTD, what percentage gay are you?