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K-Fed To Pen Nicotrol Inhaler Jingle

October 27 -- We're almost a week away from Kevin Federline's concert debut -- but if you just can't wait (like us), listen to Playing With Fire right now at AOL. Time Out New York recently put the Great White Hype in "The Hot Seat" where the rapper discussed his penchant for wearing wifebeaters (it's hot on the west coast) and eating doughnuts (he doesn't; the tabloids made it up!). He even realizes that second-hand smoke is probably not so good for Jayden James.

KEVIN FEDERLINE: [Smoking is] my worst thing. I’ve cut down, though, from a pack a day to half a pack. I have to go on tour and perform, and I won’t have the lungs for it if I don’t quit.

TONY: Are you on the patch?

KEVIN FEDERLINE: I got one of those inhalers, which is cool because it won’t kill you. I’m probably going to do a song about those things, get the general population into smoking inhalers and shit.

TONY: Like that’ll be the new club drug?

KEVIN FEDERLINE: That’s right. That shit is going to be hot.

First Sizzurp, now Nicotrol? Yeah, sounds budget. But so does "Papazao." Ohhhhh, snap.

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