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a french kiss in the chaos.

Rod sticks up for old pal, Paul.

Rod Stewart has urged Sir Paul McCartney to battle it out in court with Heather Mills.

The aging rocker, who is twice divorced himself, stood by the former Beatle and said he was sure the allegations of domestic violence could not be true.

Rod told Britain's BBC Radio 2: "I am sure that Paul is not a wife beater.He may be a drug taker but he is no wife beater. His name has been slurred and I think he should fight. I don't think he should settle. He should fight it all the way."

Sir Paul is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with ex-model Heather Mills, with both parties seeking divorce on the grounds of the other's unreasonable behaviour after their four year marriage, which left them with a daughter, Beatrice, now three.

Rod, 61, has been married to Alana Hamilton and model Rachel Hunter and is now engaged to Penny Lancaster with whom he had a son last year.

source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3843628a5620,00.html

p.s - wtf is that in rod's pants in that youtube? :\
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