Tyler Blackburn dishes about Pretty Little Liars JUST TELL US WHO 'A' IS JFC

Tyler Blackburn (Caleb on Pretty Little Liars) talked to Buzzfeed about what the cast of PLL is really like. Some juicy highlights that I'm sure you'll all be interested to read:

* Tyler and Troian are the most fearless when it comes to stunts. (ofc queen troian would be)

* Ian is the best at improv: "Um, were not really allowed to improv. (laughs) But he believes he’s very funny, therefore it’s endearing."

* Lucy and Shay get scared the easiest. There's apparently video evidence of Lucy falling to the ground in fear.

* Lucy is the most flirtatious on set, while Ashley will give everyone a hard time until they prove that they're worthy (like being Justin Bieber's swagger coach, I guess).

* The closest friends on set are Ashley and Shay.

* Ashley and Tyler are the biggest troublemakers on set.

* Troian is the most likely to start a dance session at a cast party.

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