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24 SSN 6 Extended Trailer

hullo kiefer, i think u & ur chipmunk cheeks r secksi. ♥

i really can't say i'm a 24 fan, although i was obsessed with the first season when i rented it. i just never really got back into it... buuuuuuut i know in an interview kiefer did with rolling stone he said didn't really enjoy doing 24 that much anymore and he'd be glad when jack bauer was finally killed off. maybe this is the season?

edit since you people are all like "OMG NUUU KIEFER WUD NEVA SAY DAT!!!!" here's your fucking proof! taken from the april issue of rolling stone where he's featured on the cover. go to the site & search "kiefer sutherland" if you still don't believe me. also sry that i didn't know he signed on for three more seasons... like i said, i'm not a ~*~*huge fan*~*~. SO CALM DOWN

"Kiefer Sutherland is quite looking forward to the day when the creators of the unnerving Fox TV show 24 do unto his Jack Bauer character what they've done to so many others: kill him off, brutally, but with few tears. "Don't get me wrong," he says. "I love what I do." But he's thirty-nine years old, a little pent-up and a lot tired. All he's had for the past five years, ten months out of each year, are endless fourteen-hour days of working on the show, gun in hand, eyes squinted, voice on ultra-incredibly intense, saving the world with methods that might not be right but are never wrong. He has no girlfriend in his life, no affection or release of that sort. Sometimes he feels trapped, caged, really. And then, as a consequence, he occasionally falls into the scotch bottle and ends up making a messy spectacle of himself."


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