"Taylor has always been her own manager", says Taylor's old manager

Now that Taylor Swift became one of the biggest superstars of the generation, her old manager gave an interview in which he talks about Taylor's work ethic and the control she has over her own career.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

- She takes time to meet every fan.
He told Swift if she wanted to sell 500,000 albums, she’d need to meet 500,000 people. "One of the things that Taylor is insistent upon is that they’re not rushed," Barker told Pollstar at the time. “You know, they obviously can’t spend five or 10 minutes individually but she never wants to make them feel like it’s a cattle call."
Even then, Swift would sign for nearly four hours after a show was done. "One time, they shut down the venue and we brought everyone outside,” Barker said. “I held a flashlight to her face so people’s camera phones would work. There were 300 people lined up. If she starts something, she doesn’t stop until it’s completely finished.
“Basically they leave there with that picture, that autograph, that memory and they share it with everybody that they know. If they have a bad experience with it, they share the same thing.”

- He doesn't take any credit for her career.
 "I don't take any credit for Taylor's success. She hasn't changed her strategy from the first day she and I sat in my red Suburban, along with her mom, and started our radio tour in San Diego. She told me, “I want to be the biggest star in the world.” Her strategy was to go out and meet as many people as she possibly could. She says in the liner notes of her first CD, “Everything I learned about radio I learned in the back seat of Rick's truck. I'm so proud of her for staying true to who she is and staying true to her plan."

"People laughed at her and I in the beginning. Here's this 16-year-old kid and a guy who came from small town radio. But they weren't laughing in the end. Now she's changing the game."Collapse )

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