Update on the missing Flight QZ8501: Debris and bodies found, no survivor so far

- Around 12 p.m. local time, reports of floating debris started to came in. Later, Indonesian Search and Rescue team found 10 objects 95% believed from the plane, resembling plane door and life jackets.
- A navy chief spokesman told reporters separately on Tuesday that the "crew had visual of people at sea surface, not far from the debris."
- The location of the debris is around 105 nautical mile from Pangkalanbun, Kalimantan, Indonesia and the depth of the area is around 25-30 meters
- According to a live conversation with head of Indonesian SAR team on Malaysia's Awani TV, the Indonesian navy discovered 6 bodies, 3 of them have been recovered.
- There's a possibility that the plane might exploded in the air.
- Current SAR teams include 30 ships, 15 planes and 7 helicopters from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA and South Korea
- Flight QZ8501 vanished from the radar screens on Sunday morning over the Java Sea about 40 minutes after taking off from Surabaya to Singapore. There were 155 passengers and 7 crews mainly from Indonesia.
- The aircraft had reportedly requested to deviate from its original flight path to avoid thick clouds and rise to a height of 38,000 feet from the initial height of 32,000 feet.

UPDATE 8.18 p.m. local time:

- More than 40 bodies have been recovered
- Indonesian president confirmed that debris found earlier are from the plane
- 65% of the cargo are believe to be in tact
- Air operations are suspended at 6.22 p.m. local time and will be continued at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow. Current weather around the area is not so good with waves up to 2-3 meters.
- There are already several ships on site, including a Singapore ship. None of the victims are alive.

Commander of 1st Indonesian Air Force Operational Command Rear Marshall Dwi Putranto, right, show airplane parts and a suitcase found. The suitcase is believed to belong to a child passenger whose identity is still unknown.

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