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Cetacean experts concerned about orca star of "Blackfish"

Orca experts are concerned about the worrying condition of Tilikum, the infamous killer whale who was responsible for the 2012 death of trainer Dawn Brancheau at Sea World Orlando. He has been spending the majority of his time "logging" or floating at the surface of the water, and experts are concerned that, desspite of a steady diet of fish, Tilikum may be suffering from "peanut head," caused by loss of blubber. It can be a sign of severe weight loss to the point of starvation.

  • Tilikum lives in a back pool at Sea World Orlando with his grandson, 9-year-old Trua, secluded away from the other whales, in particular the dominant females. Tilikum spends most of the day floating lethargically at or near the surface of his tank.

  • Tilikum and Trua are sometimes brought out for the big splash segment of Sea World's One Ocean show. During a show in December 2014, as seen in the video below, Tilikum ignored his cues and swam over to a gate near the show pool where he bobbed in the water for several minutes, occasionally calling to another whale on the other side (his granddaughter Nalani)

  • Tilikum did not participate in an afternoon show the same day, continuing to float listlessly in the back pool. His dorsal fin is so flopped over that it almost makes his body look like a straight line down his back.

    [video under the spoiler text]

    article summary by me, read more at source/video source

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