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Mystery of the 'dramatic' change in Kate Moss' nose

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A day rarely goes by when Kate Moss manages to avoid being photographed.Consequently, the minute changes in her face over the years are seldom noticed. Yet pictures taken of the supermodel as she arrived at Heathrow on a flight from New York show one part of her visage - her nose - appears to have changed suddenly and dramatically.

As she looked straight towards camera, the flashbulb unforgivingly lit up her face, and clearly showed shadowy indents where normally one would expect nostrils to protrude.

It is hard to see how the apparently collapsed nostrils could be explained away by unfortunate lighting or make-up. Its pinched-in appearance is certainly in stark contrast to how her nose has looked in thousands of pictures of her over the years.

Indeed in Miss Moss's first fashion shoots back in the early 1990s, she had quite a wide flat nose.

Photographed in 1998, the model still had a rather wide nose. However five years later in 2003, its shape appeared to be a little narrower. A year ago, pictured in New York, the central column of the nose still looked to be well-proportioned. Most recently, Miss Moss, 32, went to a masquerade ball in London this week, and hid her face beneath a mask altogether. However, when she was photographed at Heathrow yesterday, her nose looked to have much more marked indents on either side.

Commenting on these pictures, leading plastic surgeon Alex Karidis of the St John and St Elizabeth Hospital in North London argued surgery or drug abuse could have been to blame.

"The nose certainly seems to be retracted. Past drug abuse is certainly a possibility - but then so is surgery in the form of a tweak or adjustment. Cocaine does not always cause distortion of the nose. She could argue 'Yes my nose is a little different, but I had a little adjustment made to it' which would be feasible.

I would expect every model to have had some kind of tweak or adjustment to their nose. They do it at various stages of their career sometimes. Having said that the nostrils do look retracted and that may be due to some distortion of the anatomy due to previous cocaine use. It is of course possible. Going back to the beginning of her career, she had a much flatter, wider nose."

Miss Moss's life appeared in turmoil a year ago when she was pictured snorting cocaine with her partner, junkie rockstar Pete Doherty. One contract after another fell by the wayside. Yet the fashion industry has proven itself to be remarkably forgiving. She is now more successful than ever - and fronts no fewer than 14 simultaneous advertising campaigns, bringing in £15 million on top of her already-huge modelling earnings.

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