The Great Instagram Purge of 2014

Instagram went on a purge today, deleting a shitload of inactive and fake accounts. Some
of the biggest celebrity losers were Akon, who went from 4,375,631 followers to 1,916,385 followers (-56%), Tyga went from 5,691,934 to 3,564,711 (-37%) and Bruno Mars who lost 24% of his total follower count. The only One Direction member to not break the top 100 list is Zayn Malik.
Also, idk who ChiragChirag78 is but he lost 99.9% of his followers lollllll. His IG is deleted now. 'Tell Me What You Want' rapper Mason Betha lost so many followers he straight deleted his shit out of embarrassment probably. Welcome back (to the real world). Supposedly Instagram is not done yet.

Here are some more stats:

Diddy lost 22%
Justin Bieber lost 15%
Beyonce lost 4%
Lady Gaga lost 7%
Drake lost 8%
Rihanna lost 8%
Kim K. lost 6%
Taylor Swift lost 4%

There's a wonderful little chart of the top 100 affected accounts at the SOURCE