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Documents in Sony leak show how state attorney general was cozy with Hollywood

  • Hood has been at the center of many of the recent legal actions against Google in the US, investigating the company for involvement in both pharmaceutical counterfeiting and content piracy, but never assembling enough evidence for concrete charges.

  • According to Times documents, a November 2013 letter Hood wrote criticizing Google for aiding piracy was almost entirely copied from text provided to him by lawyers working for the MPAA. In short, Hood’s lips were moving, but it was the MPAA’s approved text coming out.

  • Hollywood has also been a lucrative source of campaign donations for Hood. Last year, he received $3,000 from Comcast and NBC Universal, along with $1,000 from 21st Century Fox. The MPAA’s Illinois PAC also gave $2,500 to an independent campaign group called Friends of Jim Hood.

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