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messiah carey lost a shoe and starting tearing up on stage


All I Want for Christmas is someone to dab your tears, dahhhling! Mariah Carey, International yet Elusive Carmen Sandiego Chanteuse, really accessed her Emotions™ on the start of her All I Want For Christmas is You Holiday Concert™.

Messiah Carey looked amazing as she belted out yuletide standard after yuletide standard in a gown that was probably bejeweled by Monroe with rubies and those red triangles you used to learn shapes in kindergarden. But, tt wouldn't be Mariah Carey without a minor trainwreck to witness, as the Stage Problem Plagued Pampoose battled a lost shoe which she hopefully clutched to as she sung the one only number Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit out of her colony of 18.

As she vocally soared her way through Hero, she the Composed Caboose unexpectedly showed a display of tears as she really felt the strength of her own material. Perhaps she was reflecting on her inner strength to carry on and be strong that she was wandering around stage in one red heel!

But wait, there's more! Right as she took a breath and regained her composure (Carey. Memoirs of an Elusive Chanteuse; It's a Wrap), her mic pack fell down one last time. The show fucked it, it was over. The Show-shopping Chanteuse apologized before halting the show completely, having her assistant fix her mic pack before starting the song again!

close second for picture, she looks amazing here in tears.

Paraphrased from/proof that this actually happened via a reputable source
Tags: candids, mariah carey

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