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ONTD Original: 5 Best Food Network Hosts

ONTD Original: 5 Best Food Network Hosts
The Food Network is a hallmark in television, a far cry from it's early days of Queen Sara Moulton and Emeril Lagasse.
It's turned more personality driven shows, showcasing hosts lives, lifestyles, friends and homes.
Some hosts have rabid devoted fanbases and some (Giada, Kelsey) are annoying and corny (also Giada's Aunt Rafi)

But here are the 5 best Food network Hosts, in order.

5 Ree Drummond
Queen Ree is probably problematic, she's probably republican and against many of the issues that ONTD is for but she's a simple cowgirl, what do you expect. Her husband, sister and others throw her shade constantly but Ree doesn't give a fuck, she's got fucking burgers to make. When them kids ain't riding horses or fucking they cousins they eating her 15 minute meals, yeas Ree come for corny ass Rachel Ray's crown tbh

4 Guy Fieri
Guy isn't trying to be anything but Guy. He's polarizing but honestly he does his job well. He's got the catchphrases, the look, everything you need as a host to properly succeed and appeal to audiences and despite his appearance he hasn't been known to be problematic tbh
3 Bobby Flay
Bobby Flay is the King of food and gingers. Multiple resturaunts, shows, cookbooks binch like slay & he's married to Stephanie March from Law and Order. Bobby is like Tyler Florence but with the television personality needed to succeed. He knows food and knows his way around a grill and honestly The Food Network is Bobby's for the taking. The new Emeril tbh
Bobby Flay - Chicken and Waffles
2 Sandra Lee
This list woul be complete without The Princess of New York, Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend, Kwanzaa Queen Sandra Lee. She loves matching her table sets to the theme of the food and tbh if she were cooking for kids she' find a way to fit in a martini and honestly nobody's complaining. Sandra is a self-made queen and deserves every bit of success she has
1 Ina Garten
Queen Bitch, Like, who did yall think? There's no one else, The Food Network is nothing with the Queen. She's got the food, the custom denim shirt sets, the house, the man, the history at The White House(questionable), the car, the garden, the gays like literally and shes a fucking democrat. If yall needed a strong female to look up to stop settling for the pop girls and start with Ina Garten. Self-made queen who built The Barefoot Contessa brand herself. She'll go down in history as the most divisive and best Food Network host ever tbh

Favorite Food Network Shows/Hosts? Least Favorite?
Source is Me & Food Network
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