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Charli XCX thanks Britney in album booklet + Amanda Bynes resurfaces and wants you to know..

Charli XCX thanks Britney Spears in Sucker's album liner notes

Recently uploaded album booklet scans reveal Charli XCX isn't all talk regarding her Britney fandom and left a sweet thank you to Ms. Spears in her Sucker album booklet. She said

"And Britney Spears for making me want to do this in the first place."

Amanda Bynes' Cryptic Tweet

Amanda Bynes resurfaced on twitter recently and left a cryptic tweet to her nearly 4 million followers that was retweeted a whopping 45 k times and counting. She tweeted:

Amanda didn't follow up her tweet so no clue what she meant with the tweet if anything at all. The two former child stars have often been compared for their much publicized breakdowns and both being placed under conservatorships following psychiatric holds.

ontd, which celebrity do you pretend to be?

charli xcx story source
amanda bynes story source
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