raysonjason (raysonjason) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

The Real Reason Mooriah's Concert Was Cancelled

The singer's management, Handprint Entertainment, gave a straightforward explanation for the cancellation. They say the promoters, One Events, have outstanding production and artist fees to pay.

"Due to a financial default by the promoter, it is with great sadness that Mariah will not be able to perform for her fans in Hong Kong," Handprint's BENNY MEDINA said in a statement to the AFP.

"We gave them time to pay but he kept missing the new deadlines," he told the news agency from his L.A. office.

source: ETonline.com

I guess those were the "OUTRAGEOUS DEMANDS" the promoter didn't want to pay up. I have a love/hate relationship w/ Ms. Carey. However, no promoter would cancel a show two days before due to low ticket sales. And, it just sounds unbelievable considering she actually sold out shows in China for the Pearlnecklace tour.
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