iigoru (iigoru) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Tinashe's resolution for 2015: "Get better".

- Her favorite song off of "Aquarius" is always changing but right now it's "Cold Sweat".
- She lives with her parents but has barely been at home.
- She loves DJ Mustard but doesn't want to keep working with him because she doesn't want people to think that all her music is Mustard-ish or that he's responsible for her success.
- She thinks putting out a lot of material is needed these days. "The more albums, the better. The more music, the better. Why wait?"
- She recorded the demo for "I Luh You Papi".
- She thinks there's always room for improvement and her resolution for 2015 is to work on all aspects of herself. Health, relationships and, obviously, music. "Better music, better and bigger live shows, better music videos. Everything just needs some 'better'. That's my resolution. Get better."

Tags: interview, tinashe

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