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Britney Spears: I’m not about the biggest & the best. I'm about enjoying my Life more than anything

Women's Health Interview Snippets

On finding balance with her new philosophy in life: “I’m not about the biggest and the best. I’m about enjoying my life, more than anything.”

On her fitness routine: She says she attends "Group fitness classes and power yoga sessions," and has gotten into "Meditation and swimming laps for half-hour intervals." She also stays toned by doing "light weights and cardio" adding “Dancing is a great cardio workout — tough and fun at the same time.”

On how her body changed after childbirth: "After I had Jayden, it was real easy for me to get back in shape," she says. "But five years later, I started noticing changes in my body. My hips are a little bit wider because I’ve had kids. So it was crucial for me to be continuous with my exercise."

On her diet when she's trying to stay in shape: “I’m really into raw food — sushi, basically,” the superstar says, adding that she snacks on “any kind of fruit.” And her favorite indulgence, "I love sweet tea!"

On Meditation: "I meditate. But I fall asleep," she says."I'm either going wild in my head or I'm asleep."

On the importance of exercise for her & keeping motivated: "Consistency is key." Adding, “daily exercise is important for me both mentally and physically,” the Grammy winner says. “I don’t mind working out. Trainers keep you motivated, but I didn’t have a problem being motivated.”


interview source interview source2 interview source3

after what she's been through she's the only celeb that 1st quote sounds believable from and not completely contrived.
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