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--Lee Daniels Entertainment, the official website for producer Lee Daniels, now has a page for "Tennessee," the upcoming film co-starring Mariah. The page includes an advertisement image (right) and the film's details (below).

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Synopsis: Brothers Carter (James D’Arcy) and Ellis Armstrong (Ethan Peck) have only each other and their rundown trailer home in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But when their lonely lives are shattered by misfortune, their only hope is to return home to Tennessee and the father they once fled. In journeying through the Southwest, the brothers bond with determined waitress Krystal (Mariah Carey) and reconnect with their past.

Cast and crew: Mariah Carey, James D’Arcy, Ethan Peck

Producer: Lee Daniels

Status: Pre-production

--Daniels' website also includes a graphic (below) for the film with the tagline, "Two brothers, three paths, one destination..."

--The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) now lists Gregory J. Read as the film's director on its "Tennessee" page. However, this information contradicts previous reports that Aaron Woodley is directing the film. "Tennessee" remains listed under Woodley's Filmography on his official website,

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