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So it looks like Kirstin Dunst's new Boyfriend has been found by some loyal ONTDers. Months ago, she was dating someone named Fred Rhiahi (soruce) and ontd post about it
Anyway apparently the two might be together again. According to the person who submitted this news, it seems that their relationship was ruined by invasion of privacy. So of course, this is where we, ohnotheydidnt, come in.
That is apparently his myspace where he is quoted as saying
"In the past month have you gone on a Date: Yes, with someone I can't talk about" (i.e. Kirsten)
"Number of things in my Past I Regret: June/July 2005. " ( This is the period where they broke up)

He also left a comment on Corey Kennedy's myspace. According to the person submitting this "Considering how few friends Fred Riahi has added to his profile. Corey Kennedy appears to be a real life friend. I took a look at the friends on his list and they most seemed legit. Or they at least seem to know him in some form."

Apparently a lot of this is speculation. So maybe its true, maybe its false. ~who knows~ But this is the information we wanted to share with you. :) Point is that they're together again and dont want it to be fucked up by the media and..us :)

source: wishes to remain anonymous
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