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Julia Louis-Dreyfus interview

Actor and producer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about her work on Seinfeld, choosing Veep, the importance of having fun at work, and why women make great producers.

I Personally Love Swearing
Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about the amount of swearing in Veep and how it works as a device to convey aspects of a politician's life.

I Need to Be an Equal Player
Julia Louis-Dreyfus discusses her need to have creative influence on her projects.

It Was a Couple Years Ahead of Its Time
Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about working on the show Watching Ellie and how it was very different than other shows on TV at the time.

Straighten My Hair
Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about an experience with sexism in the industry.

It's Not Just One Person. It's a Lot of People.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about loving the ensemble work of production and the importance of all players in the show.

No Role Models on This Show
Julia Louis-Dreyfus discusses the characters of Seinfeld and how none of them are role models.

Fundamental Note
Julia Louis-Dreyfus shares the story of how she became Elaine on Seinfeld, after NBC demanded a female character had to be written into the show.


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Tags: actor / actress, interview, television, veep (hbo)

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