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William Orbit is still nutty as ever, hints at working on new Britney music (ugh)

The hasn't produced a hit single since 2000's Pure Shores producer posted a cryptic post on facebook recently hinting at working on new music with Britney Spears.

Translation (??) Hinting at producing some new music for Britney Spears rumored album 9 and the project will be launching soon after Christmas.

You'll recall Orbit worked on the much maligned Britney Jean album. During the recording process and before the project's release wacky Orbit teased fans (a lot) along the way with tidbits like these:

Which ended up being hilarious in retrospect of the drama created when the song came out poorly produced , with obvious vocal glitches and the great majority sung by somebody else other than Spears herself.

orbit story source

Was Alien even that good or worth the trouble of bringing William Orbit back on board for album 9? Is her team basically dumb enough gearing up to release another Britney Jean with old scrapped demos? Or should they move on and work with other producers bloodshy and avant for a fresh sound, ontd?
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