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ONTD Original: Prince of Egypt Top 5 Visually Stunning Scenes

In honor of ONTD's fan favorite film of 2014 Exodus: Gods and Kings being released in theater this weekend its time to look back at another tale of Moses, The Prince of Egypt. Prince of Egypt is known as the animated musical successor of The Ten Commandments and with it being Dreamworks first 2D animated film it is most well known for its memorable scenes and music. After seeing this movie endless times on VHS to Netflix here is my personal top 5 most impressive animated moments from Prince of Egypt.

5. The Bloody River

This scene is the fallout after Moses and Ramses reunite in the first time in years and become enemies due to their moral beliefs. Ramses originally showed that he is taking none of Moses's shit by doubling all of the slaves work but it is at this moment that Moses gives no fucks what so ever by showing off one of God's many wonders by replacing all the water in the river with blood. Its a personal memorable scene since it is one of the first scenes Moses messes up Ramses livelihood proving that he has far more powerful allies and it definitely doesn't let down.

Did you know? The production team conferred with roughly 600 religious experts to make the film as accurate as possible.

4. The Dream

This moment is unique in that it takes completely different change in animation to show Moses's revelation. In this scene Moses has a dream where finds out that he whole life is basically a lie and the man "he once called father" is responsible of the death of many infants due to fear. It takes a more traditionalist approach mimicking ancient Egyptian drawings to get away with a more gruesome moment in the whole film depicting babies drowning in a river of blood (~foreshadowing~) and that is saying something considering other scenes in The Prince of Egypt. Have fun showing this film to your future children!

Did you know? Brenda Chapman is the first woman to co-direct a major animated feature.

3. The Death of the Firstborns

Besides The Plagues this is probably my favorite scene in the entire film. To deliever the finishing blow God unleashes the final plague which causes every Egyptian firstborn to die. It is a very eerie scene in the sense that there is no music at all and barely any sound save for the wind and the final breathe of each firstborn. It concludes with ultimately Ramses's own son dying and finally being broken down allows Moses to let his people go. It shows a different side of God that isn't normally seen in movies protraying his wrath is a pretty scary light which even Moses is afraid of.

Did you know? Jeffrey Katzenberg constantly pitched the idea to the Walt Disney Company while he was working there, but Michael Eisner didn't like the idea.

2. The Burning Bush

In one of the movie's more memorable scenes Moses encounters God for the first and ultimately gives him the mission to "let his people go" and return back to the past he left behind a long time ago. In this film God is protrayed as a burning bush and gives Moses a staff to use against Ramses to unleash his "wonders". Like the previous scene the same color tones are used but this time in a more compassionate moment helping Moses realize his destiny as compared to killing off children. It ends with him along with his wife Tzipporah go back to Egypt to gives his brother a dear old visit.

Did you know? The voice of God, to avoid controversy, was played by all the major actors. The actors were told to whisper the lines, so none would dominate the performance, but by the time they got around to having Val Kilmer read his lines, they realized they needed someone to be louder. You still can hear the rest of the cast whispering beneath Kilmer's voice in God's lines.

1. The Parting the Red Sea

The parting of the Red Sea is perhaps the most iconic moment in the whole film with Moses and God performing one last miracle to allow everyone to escape and to finally be free from Ramses and his army. This scene at the begining has a very nice constrast with while this moment is going on for everyone to have safe passage through the water Ramses's army has to deal with a freaking fire tornado that is blocking their path. The atmosphere changes when everyone is travelling through the sea, seeing many sea creatures in a different angle giving a very serene moment where everyone is just in plain awe before the firestorm wears off.

Did you know? The 4 minute parting of the Red Sea sequence took 10 animators 2 years to complete.

SOURCE 1 & 2 + Netflix, also gifs made by me.
Any favorite moments from the movie ontd?
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