Channel Seven Morning Show hosts, Larry and Kylie were evacuated while live on air, while covering a siege taking place in the Lindt chocolate cafe opposite the channel seven Martin Place studios.

- Up to fifty people held hostage in cafe
- Martin Place in complete shut down (for those who don't know this is in Sydney's CBD)
- Hostages made to hold up what appears to be a ISL flag in the window of the cafe. (This is speculation. It has also been reported the flag has no extremist links or it has links to other terrorist groups.)
- Siege started at approx 9.44am Australian EST

UPDATES - A press conference with the NSW Police Commissioner states that "We have not yet confirmed this is a terrorism-related event."
- ABC News stream can be found here
- A timeline and summary of the press conference with the NSW Police Commissioner can be found here.
- BBC picture post can be found here
- Four major banks have shut down their operations in the Sydney CBD. Source
- Live updates from The Guardian.
- According to channel 10 there is less then 30 hostages and this has been confirmed by the police. But I can't find a source for this.

- Ten news is reporting that there is FOUR bombs, both in the cafe and around the CBD.
- Hostages report that the man insists on being called "the brother"
- Demands include speaking to Tony Abbott and for an ISL flag to be delivered to the cafe
- This is not a confirmation, just what I'm relaying from the news I'm watching (Channel 10)

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