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Elusively feministic Chanteuse Leighton Meester doesn't want young women looking up to Chuck/Blair

Queen of dream pop Leighton Meester dropped by Dirty Pop Live! With Lance Bass to promote her debut LP Heartstrings (which Idolator and Vice deem as one of the best of 2014!). Chatting to a fan of Gossip Girl, the show that gave her her big break, Meester reflected that though she's appreciative of what it did for her, she didn't want to do the same thing forever. Additionally, she revealed she's in the camp of those who think the identity of Gossip Girl was an afterthought in the writer's room. Finally, the usually diplomatic Meester addressed dating rumors between her co-stars (the show is not real life) and had some disheartening commentary for furniture shippers, "I hope that young women aren't looking at this [Chuck and Blair] and thinking 'I should model my relationships after this' because there was some domestic violence in there."

Listen to the interview (Gossip Girl talk = the last five minutes of the clip) and lovely live performances of Heartstrings and Run Away


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Tags: gossip girl (cw), leighton meester, music / musician (alternative and indie)

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