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J. Cole spits some knowledge and keeps it real in in depth conversation with Angie Martinez

  • Be Free performance on Letterman was one of the most important things he's ever done. Made him nervous because it was the first time he was doing the song live, new verse was added at the last minute, and the song came from such an intense frame of mind he wasn't sure he'd be able to tap into. Re-watched Eric Garner video to bring out that emotion, when he was done he could tell it really resonated with Letterman, his band, and the audience even though 97% of them were white.

  • Has always tried to be politically correct during his career but realized by not saying how he really felt he was doing himself and the people a disservice.

  • TPTB love keeping everyone so distracted, occupied, and consumed with ourselves that we fight and stand for nothing while they just milk and molest the world. Capitalism is teaching us to have an every man for themself mentality.

  • Mainstream news media isn't set up to inform and tell the truth, its all about making money and getting those advertisement dollars.

  • "Fire Squad" was reduced by blogs into a headline of him dissing the culture vultures of hip-hop. The verse is really just him making an observation of how black culture and music is continuously taken over and commercialized with white artists, who the system capitalizes off of and celebrates because its easier to sell them to the masses.

  • Brings up Jazz as an example: at its origin and height it was a purely black form of music. When he recently went to the genre page on ITunes to find new music, 99% of the artists featured were white. The same take over happened with rock n roll, rnb, and now we're seeing it be done to hip-hop. Places blame mostly on the system and not the artists.

  • Finds it frustrating how ratchet music and tv has been glamourized and feels we've been pimped into believing its all we are when its really not, and there needs to be more of a balance when it comes to representation. Has an appreciation for that kind of music in the right moment but doesn't listen to it on his own time

  • Amazing quote at 26 minutes, not even paraphrasing it directly, just watch.

  • 2014 Forest Hills Drive response has been "a blessing". Doesn't care about numbers, this is the first time that he felt like he suceeded and accomplished something with an album before even releasing it.

  • Has no interest in politics and sees it all as a lying game where people don't accept reality. Politicians have to pretend to be sqeaky clean, perfect people when really no one is.

  • Voted for Obama twice, not disappointed by him because he doesn't really know the struggles he had to go through. Still wants him to pull somethin crazy before the end of his term.

  • The system teaches us that materialistic things are whats most important but he's finally learnd appreciation and love are the key to happiness.

  • Top five rappers are Pac, Nas, Biggie, Jay, and the last slot fluctates between Eminem and Andre 3000.


Woo lord, stay woke and wake the rest of these idiots up Jermaine. Album is fire and projected to do 340k+ and is in stores now, go cop it on ITunes or go give the good sir some streaming points on Spotify.

Tags: interview, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), race / racism
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