Queen Mai (wearescientists) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Queen Mai

Britt Robertson's new film trailer - Ask Me Anything. Max Carver AMA of the same title

Ask Me Anything -- A film about Katie Kampenfelt (Britt) taking a year off to find herself, and starts an anonymous blog where her darkest secrets are held. Somewhere throughout the story, her dark secrets began to emerge - aka her daddy problems and her love for dating older men (Justin Long, most probably Max Carver).

-Would change his name to Tom Marvolo Riddle
-Mentions how his brother is hot... and how he's the wife a few times
-Majored in English after switching majors twice before that
-Doesn't have a comment on his dick size, but says he is thick.
-Posey is his fav on Teen Wolf to work with
-Jack O'Connell is his man crush
-describes Holland as: sweet-tea and bath salts (idk about the tea but she is a big Breaking Bad fan)
-He was apparently in a frat
-Still waiting for his Hogwarts letter
-His character in the film is named Rory

trailer src, ama
Tags: film - drama, teen wolf (mtv)

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