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Chris Evans @ Newburyport with kids

Captain America arrived in Newburyport yesterday afternoon, raising over $3,000 for The Pettengill House.

“I have never been up here before. This is great, this is great,” said Chris Evans, the Hollywood actor who plays Captain America on the big screen. “It’s nice to be able to do things like this. We talked about doing this over Thanksgiving, but then you see it come together and it is very rewarding.”

“It is an honor to be able to bring any type of happiness to people, especially at this time of the year,” Evans said. “I know that is kind of cheesy, but I am a sucker for Christmas and I like to give back. That feels good.”

Assisting her son while he signed autographs, his mother said she is still getting used to having a superhero in her life.

“This is a little bit phenomenal,” Lisa Evans said. “This is a little bit bizarre from my point of view. But kids are his bliss. He loves kids. I’ve been with him when he is on set and you will be standing there and people are screaming and all of a sudden he will look over and see a little guy with a shield and just walks right over. That is his comfort level because it is pure, it is innocent, it is sweet, it is that hero stuff. He takes his role very, very seriously. He had those feelings for heroes when he was a kid. He still gets shaky knees about Tom Brady. So he gets it.”

Quotes from the kids @ the source
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