sarahvma (sarahvma) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Trailer for Next Week's Cheated on in Chelsea

The foundation-coated muppets of Chelsea will be back next Monday at 9pm for another round of "Where Has Your Dick Been?", a game which has been running for a solid 8 series.

If you've failed to keep up with the latest hijinks of the 20-something jobless elite, a bunch of guys had sex with girls who they weren't dating. The girls they were dating found out and confronted them. They denied it for a few episodes until there was a major party where it all came out, and then Louise had sex with a random dude once and was accused of being a slut by all of the guys with perpetually wandering dicks who can't and shouldn't talk.

And, for reasons that escape everyone, both Alik and Stephanie Pratt remain on the show despite being alternately creepy and incredibly boring.


But seriously, how creepy is Alik, ONTD?
Tags: british celebrities, reality show, reality show celebrity, television - british, the hills / laguna beach stars

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