sarahvma (sarahvma) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Official Trailer for Doctor Who's Old Saint Nick Frost Christmas Special

The BBC has kept details about this year's Doctor Who Christmas special especially close to the chest this year. Probably a smart move, given that last year's special, which also served as a goodbye to Matt Smith, was an unforgiveable waste of time, talent and taste.

So it should come as no surprise that the first (and last) full trailer for the episode gives us nothing new. Santa runs some kind of underground base? There are slime monsters? Clara actually gets to wear pants for once? The Doctor really likes that sequin sweater?

Other than that, we can only hope that Capaldi's strange magnetism, Coleman's admirable gumption, and the spirit of Christmas itself can get us through whatever Moffat has planned.


How do you feel about 12's hole/sequin sweater, ONTD?
Tags: british celebrities, doctor who (bbc), television - bbc, television - british

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