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Miley wants in on infamous Britney & Madonna VMA Kiss + Charli XCX's new album inspired by Britney

Miley x Britney x Madonna?

Miley Cyrus randomly posted this picture on her instagram. Superimposing her face on the Queen of Pop's in a picture of the infamous 2003 VMA's kiss. Is she hinting at a possible music collab between the three or is she just being Miley bored and tripping off shrooms?

Charli XcX was recently asked by a fan what inspired her during the writing of her album and she replied:

Britney inspiring this new generation of rising of music stars! From Tinashe to Charlie XCX to Lana to Selena Gomez and beyond. #impact

miley source charli xcx source

how would you feel about a miley + britney + madonna collab, ontd? or who would you like to see any of these gals collab with instead
Tags: britney spears, charli xcx, madonna, miley cyrus

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