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A Kelly Clarkson Post!

Musicians On Call Acceptance Speech

It's an Amazon exclusive video and won't embed.

- Excited to get a bunch of cute stuff for future pop messiah, River Rose.
- All the songs she recored for "Wrapped in Red" made the final cut.
- Continues to have stupid haircut.
- Stanning for faux Christmas trees.
- "River is the coolest thing to happen to me."
- Stans for Mariah's Christmas album.
- Her husband had a replica of a Jane Austen ring commissioned for her. The same ring she won in an auction but couldn't take out of the UK.

The Radio Mix and Club Mix for "Wrapped in Red" are available to purchase on iTunes & Amazon.

And to make this year especially special, Kelly has released a limited edition green vinyl version of her platinum selling, chart topping, critically acclaimed album. Only 500 copies have been pressed.

Mine came in today!!

Get yours!

Source:1, 2, 3, 4

This flawless down to earth yuletide festive chanteuse.

ONTD, what are you fave holiday traditions? Any holiday horror stories?
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