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K. Michelle Doing What She Does Best...Being Messy, Finally Comes Clean About Idris Elba

So K. Michelle stopped by the Breakfast Club, again, and finally spilt what really went down between her and Idris Elba.

On the album being about Idris:
“Yeah, [this album is about Idris Elba]. I’m not going to sit up here and lie to y’all.”

On how their fling affected his relationship with his son’s mother, Naiyana Garth:
“I don’t know. He’s not married.”

Skip to 17:02 for the Idris stuff

  • Says her and Idris dated for about 8 months.

  • Says Idris and the mother of his child were not together at the time but thinks they are now.

  • Broke up with Idris because she didn't want to make him choose between her and the mother of his (newborn) child.

  • Idris knows the album is about him, has heard it, and is ok with her releasing it. Told K "This is art. I hate that we're at this place".

  • When she first met him she thought he was fine but wanted a rapper. Couldn't get used to being with a man who "Got up in the morning and put on Burberry and tight slacks".

K.Michelle already told on herself with the 'Maybe I Should Call' Video

There have been rumours about the two for a few months but for the most part K has been pretty hush-hush about their relationship other than alluding that her latest album was about her past relationship with a famous man she wanted to keep to secret.

She managed to everyone guessing until she released the 'Maybe You Should Call Video' which sees her w
atching  the man she loves carry out a relationship with another woman — the mother of his new baby. The video ends with her dialling a UK phone number, before changing her mind.

Breakfast Club Interview:
'Maybe I Should Call' Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J6IcvdsKrs
Madam Noire http://madamenoire.com/494822/k-michelle-comes-clean-relationship-breakup-idris-elba/#sthash.Jp3HJxTv.FdKISQRw.dpuf

I'm suprised (but not really) that this story hasn't been picked up by more 'mainstream' gossip blogs/sites.

ETA: Obviously Idris is just as messy (if not more) than K. Michelle in this.

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