rebeljean (rebeljean) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

2015 Celebrity Psychic Predictions

1. Tom Hiddleston
Many more awards to come, a truly great talent. He does however,have to take a little more care of his nerves.

2. Amanda Bynes
to go from bad to worse. I don't see her seeing another Xmas. Unless she gets rid of all the wrong people nothing can change.

3. Mexico
Even though last year was bad with all the troubles linked to drugs. This year is going to be even worse. Major scandals. that will rock the country.

4. Leo DiCaprio
He has the opportunity this year to get back on track I hope he does. Plus I see him getting a part this year, that will lead to great things. I see him entering the world of directing, with a great outcome.

5. Benedict Cumberbach
A very good year in all areas, especially career awards ahead, I know some people don't think his engagement will work. Oh it will. Nice to see a non PR relationship for a change

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Tags: amanda bynes, benedict cumberbatch, leonardo dicaprio, tom hiddleston

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