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Queen Mai

Teen Wolf's #2 Mom is Problematic

Teen Wolf parent, killed off in s2, Eaddy Mays is just as messy as ONTD fav Ian Bohen, only this time instead of women, it regards the POC actors on the show that have been killed. Also, this has been going on since sometime in October during the questioning about the women/POC characters being killed off on the show.

  • Fan questioned her about how she felt about the women/POC specifically getting killed off on the show at a convention

  • Eaddy was like "w/e man, shit  happens -- not Jeff's friend though. I'm not defending anyone... but I'm totally defending Jeff"

  • Eaddy sent the fan an ask, stating this: But here's the thing: "Jeff's not my "friend" he was my boss. So many are blaming him for the death of young females & it's simply not accurate. And calling into question my care & concern for young women is also based on misinformation..." (then who killed everyone bro?)

  • She then made a post on her tumblr using a MLK quote, and how she is willing to take this anonymous fan to court due to spreading lies, ~abusing~ her nonexistant image and threatening her online/offline (to which there is no real knowledge of it)

src, src

mods, Eaddy's tumblr is her official tumblr. The other is the fan who she sent messages to and is threatening to take to court if she doesn't stop

ontd: have you been personally victimized by Eaddy May's or anyone else from Teen Wolf?
Tags: race / racism, teen wolf (mtv)

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