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Drew Barrymore Has a Nervous Breakdown.

& More Fun Photos!

I love Drew Barrymore.

It's like one moment she's flipping the paps a bird...

... and the next she's smiling all adorable and stuff:

Also, her boyfriend, Fab, is really hot:

(Pssh... check out his shirt!)

But her BFF, Cameron Diaz, is not:

Celebrity shopping! Can you guys spot the guy in the 'N Sync shirt?

It's Julian from the Strokes!

Some more new-ish photos of Drew at the Sony Global Partners Gala:


Anthony Kiedis & Samaire Armstrong
at the FUSE Fangoria Awards:

I think this is the guy from the Used?
The one who dated Kelly Osbourne once?

The man... alone. 

I hear Anthony got back together with his old girlfriend, Jaime Rishar. They used to date in the '90s when she was a young model just starting out. She was a dead-ringer for Natalie Portman back in the day:

Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend 
at the airport:

Bitch thinks she's Michael Jackson or something.

And check out dem heels!

Chloe Sevigny
climbed a mountain recently:

Aww, I love her.

She also knows how to bust a move:

Mary-Kate Olsen looking tragic, as usual:

This is her latest boyfriend, btw. His name is Max Snow. His brother, Dash, takes some pretty naughty photos. Google him.

Gia Coppola, Sofia's niece, is really pretty and dresses very well:

That's her in the green and Jack Nicholson's daughter
in the navy blue.

Coppola Family Photoshoot:

Versace Dinner Party:

Ginnifer Goodwin used to date Topher Grace
and is now going out with Chris Klein. Awkward.

Molly Sims posing like she's still relevant.

Milla Jovovich is not looking her best these days:

(On the left is her design partner, Carmen Hawk. They run a
pretty cool fashion label together.)

Take me back to '88, plz:

Diane Kruger, Pretty Girl, Margherita
, and Liv Tyler

I love Margherita! More It Girls should aspire to be like her. 

Charlotte Casiraghi, princess of Monaco, used to be so cute.
What the hell happened? I hope it's just an awkward phase.

Speaking of gorgeous children, check out Flea's (bassist for
the Red Hot Chili Peppers) youngest daughter, Sunny
Bebop Balzary

Cutest baby since Suri Cruise, amirite?

Some recent pictures with Mom (supermodel Frankie Rayder) & Dad:

That's all, folks!


Source: and for the RHCP photos

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