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On The Inside the NBA: Discussion about Ferguson

Some of the things said:
Charles: I don't think any time something black happens in the black community, we got to talk about slavery. (1:55)
Charles on slavery: Well I shouldn't say it was one of the worst things ever, I don't know anything about it other than what I read or what my grandmother told me. (2:00)
Charles on the police: We as black people need to “develop a relationship” with the police (2:10)
Charles on Eric Garner case: Should've went with manslaughter instead of murder (2:30)

Kenny: We have acknowledge the disparagement between poor people and African American people in the law. (4:20)
Kenny on if they made the right call not to indict Darren Wilson:  I don't know. (5:17)

Interesting discussion
Tags: black celebrities, discussion, race / racism, sports / athletes - basketball, television - tnt

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